Christina McLaggan grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Christina McLaggan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Christina McLaggan
1949 first name on monument
Peter Burns
1958 husband of Christina McLaggan
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Christina McLaggan grave location

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image: 15975
grave: 80437
Elizabeth McCormack
image number 15975
image: 15976
grave: 80438
James Gorrie
image number 15976
image: 15977
grave: 80439
James Ferguson
image number 15977
image: 15978
grave: 80440
Christian Drummond
image number 15978
image: 15979
grave: 80441
Hettie May Anderson
image number 15979
image: 15980
grave: 80442
Thomas McDuff
image number 15980
image: 15981
grave: 80443
Alexander Thom
image number 15981
image: 15985
grave: 80444
Donald Robertson
image number 15985
image: 15986
grave: 80445
Elspeth J Anderson
image number 15986
image: 15987
grave: 80446
Robert McEwen
image number 15987
image: 15988
grave: 80447
Christina McLaggan
image number 15988
image: 15989
grave: 80448
John Wright
image number 15989
image: 15990
grave: 80449
Christina McDonald
image number 15990
image: 15991
grave: 80450
Robert Mack Buchanan
image number 15991
image: 15992
grave: 80451
Evelyn Buchanan
image number 15992
image: 15993
grave: 80452
William Lorimer
image number 15993
image: 15994
grave: 80453
James M Taylor
image number 15994
image: 15995
grave: 80454
David Barnes Pinnie
image number 15995
image: 15996
grave: 80455
James Colin McCrae
image number 15996
image: 15997
grave: 80456
Charles Buchanan
image number 15997
image: 15998
grave: 80457
Marjory Isabella McCulloch
image number 15998

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