Domenica Alzino grave monument in Caboolture cemetery, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

Domenica Alzino grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Domenica Alzino
Riccardo Alzino
1974691905husband of Domenica Alzino
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image: 1012
grave: 804279
William Dickinson Williamson
image number 1012
image: 1013
grave: 804280
Olive Muriel Robinson
image number 1013
image: 1014
grave: 804281
David Ernest Carstens
image number 1014
image: 1015
grave: 804282
Marjorie Veevers Richardson
image number 1015
image: 1016
grave: 804283
Thomas John Brett
image number 1016
image: 1017
grave: 804284
Dorothy Lobegeiger
image number 1017
image: 1018
grave: 804285
Frederick J P Vollmerhause
image number 1018
image: 1019
grave: 804286
Eva Elizabeth Vollmerhause
image number 1019
image: 1020
grave: 804287
Andrea La Spina
image number 1020
image: 1021
grave: 804288
Luigina Cantatore
image number 1021
image: 1022
grave: 804289
Domenica Alzino
image number 1022
image: 1023
grave: 804290
Westwood Roy Mc Manus
image number 1023
image: 1024
grave: 804291
Michael Mc Manus
image number 1024
image: 1025
grave: 804292
Michael James Ellem
image number 1025
image: 1026
grave: 804293
Geoffrey Charles Ellem
image number 1026
image: 1027
grave: 804294
J Guthrie
image number 1027
image: 1028
grave: 804295
Russell Charles Kimber
image number 1028
image: 1029
grave: 804296
Arthur Harold Kitson
image number 1029
image: 1030
grave: 804297
Jamie Kameruka Cuffe
image number 1030
image: 1031
grave: 804298
Joseph Henry Towson
image number 1031
image: 1032
grave: 804299
Kevin Albert Browne
image number 1032

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