John Buchanan grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

John Buchanan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Buchanan
1907651842first name on monument
Keith Buchanan
1930 son of John Buchanan
Jemima Robertson
1929 wife of John Buchanan
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image: 15867
grave: 80337
Donald McCowan
image number 15867
image: 15868
grave: 80338
Charles Gibson Stewart
image number 15868
image: 15869
grave: 80339
Archibald Menzies
image number 15869
image: 15870
grave: 80340
Janet McLaren
image number 15870
image: 15871
grave: 80341
Eliza Russell Walker
image number 15871
image: 15872
grave: 80342
Janet Robertson
image number 15872
image: 15873
grave: 80343
Thomas Pullar
image number 15873
image: 15874
grave: 80344
Archie Ford
image number 15874
image: 15875
grave: 80345
George Tulloch
image number 15875
image: 15876
grave: 80346
Margaret Buchanan
image number 15876
image: 15877
grave: 80347
John Buchanan
image number 15877
image: 15878
grave: 80348
Charles Coventry
image number 15878
image: 15879
grave: 80349
Helen Millar
image number 15879
image: 15880
grave: 80350
David Smeaton
image number 15880
image: 15881
grave: 80351
George Boyd Smeaton
image number 15881
image: 15882
grave: 80352
Stuart Murray Wilson
image number 15882
image: 15883
grave: 80353
Peter Thompson
image number 15883
image: 15884
grave: 80354
Thomas McKeith
image number 15884
image: 15885
grave: 80355
James Jack
image number 15885
image: 15886
grave: 80356
Elizabeth Mitchell
image number 15886
image: 15888
grave: 80357
Sophia Ellis McArthur
image number 15888

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