Margaret Callum Roy grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Margaret Callum Roy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret Callum Roy
1921 first name on monument
John Foster
1930 husband of Margaret Callum Roy
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image: 15828
grave: 80302
Susan Gordon
image number 15828
image: 15829
grave: 80303
Elizabeth G Haggart
image number 15829
image: 15830
grave: 80304
William Elder
image number 15830
image: 15831
grave: 80305
Alexander Roberton
image number 15831
image: 15832
grave: 80306
John Edward
image number 15832
image: 15833
grave: 80307
Daniel Forrest Eason
image number 15833
image: 15834
grave: 80308
Albert Ernest Haley
image number 15834
image: 15835
grave: 80309
Elizabeth Turnbull
image number 15835
image: 15838
grave: 80310
Alexander Stuart
image number 15838
image: 15839
grave: 80311
John Low
image number 15839
image: 15841
grave: 80312
Margaret Callum Roy
image number 15841
image: 15843
grave: 80313
William Cook
image number 15843
image: 15844
grave: 80314
Alexander John Fraser
image number 15844
image: 15845
grave: 80315
Joseph Mair
image number 15845
image: 15846
grave: 80316
John McEwan Grerar
image number 15846
image: 15847
grave: 80317
William Millar
image number 15847
image: 15848
grave: 80318
John Robertson
image number 15848
image: 15849
grave: 80319
Lewis Miller
image number 15849
image: 15850
grave: 80320
James G M McGibbon
image number 15850
image: 15851
grave: 80321
George McGibbon
image number 15851
image: 15852
grave: 80322
John McGibbon
image number 15852

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