Martha McLachlan grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Martha McLachlan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Martha McLachlan
1917671850first name on monument
William Morton
husband of Martha McLachlan
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image: 15749
grave: 80232
Donald Bain
image number 15749
image: 15750
grave: 80233
John McNeill
image number 15750
image: 15751
grave: 80234
William Campbell
image number 15751
image: 15752
grave: 80235
Robina Hughan Crawford
image number 15752
image: 15753/4
grave: 80236
Nora Teresa McNamara
image number 15753/4
image: 15755
grave: 80237
Clementina McDonald
image number 15755
image: 15756
grave: 80238
Mary Helen Elwes
image number 15756
image: 15757
grave: 80239
Archibald McIntyre
image number 15757
image: 15758
grave: 80240
Alfred MacIntyre
image number 15758
image: 15759
grave: 80241
Peter Cramb
image number 15759
image: 15760
grave: 80242
Martha McLachlan
image number 15760
image: 15761
grave: 80243
James Cramb
image number 15761
image: 15762
grave: 80244
Bella Haggart
image number 15762
image: 15763
grave: 80245
Agnes Watson
image number 15763
image: 15764
grave: 80246
Andrew Millar Gibson
image number 15764
image: 15765
grave: 80247
Fanny Jane Black
image number 15765
image: 15766
grave: 80248
Thomas McCulloch
image number 15766
image: 15767
grave: 80249
Arthur Murray
image number 15767
image: 15768
grave: 80250
Elizabeth Ryder
image number 15768
image: 15769
grave: 80251
Duncan Menzies
image number 15769
image: 15770
grave: 80252
William McKenzie
image number 15770

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