John Scrimgeour grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

John Scrimgeour grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Scrimgeour
1903551848first name on monument
Janet McCulloch
1920741846wife of John Scrimgeour
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Scrimgeour grave location

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image: 15702
grave: 80191
Isabella R Taylor
image number 15702
image: 15703
grave: 80192
William Taylor
image number 15703
image: 15704
grave: 80193
Catherine Taylor
image number 15704
image: 15705
grave: 80194
Sam Duff
image number 15705
image: 15706
grave: 80195
Robert Guy
image number 15706
image: 15707
grave: 80196
William John Inglis
image number 15707
image: 15708
grave: 80197
George L Haig
image number 15708
image: 15709
grave: 80198
Christine J Tait
image number 15709
image: 15710
grave: 80199
Christian Muncall Simpson
image number 15710
image: 15711
grave: 80200
Catherine Robertson
image number 15711
image: 15712
grave: 80201
John Scrimgeour
image number 15712
image: 15713
grave: 80202
David Millar
image number 15713
image: 15717
grave: 80203
John Turnbull Cameron
image number 15717
image: 15719
grave: 80204
Margaret Hutchison
image number 15719
image: 15721
grave: 80205
Ann Robertson
image number 15721
image: 15722
grave: 80206
Alexander Jamieson
image number 15722
image: 15723
grave: 80207
Daniel McNeill
image number 15723
image: 15724/5
grave: 80208
John Fothringham
image number 15724/5
image: 15726
grave: 80209
William Barlass
image number 15726
image: 15727
grave: 80210
Margaret McNaughton/Scott
image number 15727
image: 15728
grave: 80211
Donald McLean
image number 15728

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