Violet Margaret Meredith Miller grave monument in Ford Road cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Violet Margaret Meredith Miller grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Violet Margaret Meredith Miller
James Miller
1952611891father of Violet Margaret Meredith Miller
Margaret Wilson
1939481891mother of Violet Margaret Meredith Miller
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image: 15478
grave: 79983
Margaret Barr
image number 15478
image: 15479
grave: 79984
James Maxtone Thom
image number 15479
image: 15481
grave: 79985
Helen McSwain
image number 15481
image: 15483
grave: 79986
Duncan McAinsh
image number 15483
image: 15485
grave: 79987
John McAinsh
image number 15485
image: 15486
grave: 79988
Henry Finlay Morier
image number 15486
image: 15487
grave: 79989
David Stenhouse
image number 15487
image: 15488
grave: 79990
Francis Watt
image number 15488
image: 15489
grave: 79991
John Horne
image number 15489
image: 15490
grave: 79992
David Smeaton
image number 15490
image: 15491
grave: 79993
Violet Margaret Meredith Miller
image number 15491
image: 15492
grave: 79994
Mary Cramb
image number 15492
image: 15493
grave: 79995
John B Stratton
image number 15493
image: 15494
grave: 79996
Peter McFarlane
image number 15494
image: 15495
grave: 79997
John Laing
image number 15495
image: 15496
grave: 79998
Robert Ironside
image number 15496
image: 15497
grave: 79999
Thomas Barrie
image number 15497
image: 15498
grave: 80000
Peter Hamilton
image number 15498
image: 15499
grave: 80001
Peter Corstorphin
image number 15499
image: 15500
grave: 80002
James Henderson
image number 15500
image: 15503
grave: 80003
J Napier
image number 15503

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