William R Simpson grave monument in Ford Road cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

William R Simpson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Rev William R Simpson
Hannah Corson Dick
1964941870wife of William R Simpson
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image: 15438
grave: 79954
Margaret Deacons
image number 15438
image: 15439
grave: 79955
Annie Angus Matthew
image number 15439
image: 15440
grave: 79956
Margaret Greig
image number 15440
image: 15441
grave: 79957
Annie M Clark
image number 15441
image: 15442
grave: 79958
Thomas Tod
image number 15442
image: 15444
grave: 79959
Peter Stewart
image number 15444
image: 15445
grave: 79960
John McNeill
image number 15445
image: 15446
grave: 79961
Duncan Ross Macowan
image number 15446
image: 15449
grave: 79962
Agnes Chisholm
image number 15449
image: 15450
grave: 79963
William May
image number 15450
image: 15451
grave: 79964
William R Simpson
image number 15451
image: 15452
grave: 79965
Amy Mary Gordon
image number 15452
image: 15454
grave: 79966
Henry Marshall
image number 15454
image: 15457
grave: 79967
Rachel McLean
image number 15457
image: 15461
grave: 79968
Catherine R Bayne
image number 15461
image: 15462
grave: 79969
Donald McArthur
image number 15462
image: 15463
grave: 79970
Jane Gifford Bruce
image number 15463
image: 15464
grave: 79971
Elizabeth Robin Philp
image number 15464
image: 15465
grave: 79972
Mary Ann Reid
image number 15465
image: 15467
grave: 79973
Margaret Scott Gray
image number 15467
image: 15469
grave: 79974
Robert McKenzie
image number 15469

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