Christian McAra grave monument in Ford Road cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Christian McAra grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Christian McAra
John Barnett
1895681827husband of Christian McAra
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image: 15407
grave: 79923
Catherine Milne Robbie
image number 15407
image: 15408
grave: 79924
Peter Peddie
image number 15408
image: 15409
grave: 79925
Charles Norrie
image number 15409
image: 15410
grave: 79926
Andrew Stuart Murray
image number 15410
image: 15411
grave: 79927
Janet Campbell
image number 15411
image: 15412
grave: 79928
Keith Bowden
image number 15412
image: 15413
grave: 79929
Adam David Hepburn
image number 15413
image: 15414
grave: 79930
George Waddell
image number 15414
image: 15415
grave: 79931
Agnes M MacDonald
image number 15415
image: 15416
grave: 79932
John MacPherson
image number 15416
image: 15417
grave: 79933
Christian McAra
image number 15417
image: 15418
grave: 79934
Alexander McKnight
image number 15418
image: 15419
grave: 79935
William Allison
image number 15419
image: 15420
grave: 79936
Andrew Watt Allison
image number 15420
image: 15421
grave: 79937
Frederick N Hunt
image number 15421
image: 15422
grave: 79938
Margaret Seton Walker
image number 15422
image: 15423
grave: 79939
Hugh Stanley Roberts
image number 15423
image: 15424
grave: 79940
William Peter Thomson
image number 15424
image: 15425
grave: 79941
Robert McNab
image number 15425
image: 15426
grave: 79942
Charles Laing
image number 15426
image: 15427
grave: 79943
Eliza Kirkwood
image number 15427

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