Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 79618Details of grave number 79618 at Ford Road Crieff for Andrew Guthrie

Andrew Guthrie grave monument in Ford Road cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Andrew Guthrie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Andrew Guthrie
George S Pluckrose
1956 relationship not given of Andrew Guthrie
Mary Guthrie
1998 relationship not given of Andrew Guthrie

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image: 1040088
grave: 79608
Sam MacDonald
image number 1040088
image: 1040089
grave: 79609
John Campbell
image number 1040089
image: 1040090
grave: 79610
Peter Halley Cairns
image number 1040090
image: 1040091
grave: 79611
Annie Teresa O'Coan
image number 1040091
image: 1040092
grave: 79612
Andrew Downie
image number 1040092
image: 1040093
grave: 79613
John Francis Simpson
image number 1040093
image: 1040094
grave: 79614
Jemima Stirton
image number 1040094
image: 1040096
grave: 79615
George W Gibson
image number 1040096
image: 1040098
grave: 79616
Duncan B Henderson
image number 1040098
image: 1040099
grave: 79617
Frances Faichney
image number 1040099
image: 1040101
grave: 79618
Andrew Guthrie
image number 1040101
image: 1040102
grave: 79619
Helen Halley
image number 1040102
image: 1040104
grave: 79620
Jessie MacFarlane
image number 1040104
image: 1040105
grave: 79621
Bessie McGibbon
image number 1040105
image: 1040106
grave: 79622
Marion Rodger
image number 1040106
image: 1040107
grave: 79623
Edith Baker
image number 1040107
image: 1040108
grave: 79624
Elspeth Sinclair
image number 1040108
image: 1040110
grave: 79625
Joanna Polland
image number 1040110
image: 1040111
grave: 79626
Kenneth Stewart MacDonald
image number 1040111
image: 1040112
grave: 79627
Robert MacAulay Inkster
image number 1040112
image: 1040113
grave: 79628
Angus McMaster
image number 1040113

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