David Gow grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

David Gow grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David Gow
1928 first name on monument
Martha Jane Dow nee Gow
1928 daughter of David Gow
Jessie Gow
1943 daughter of David Gow
James Dow
son-in-law of David Gow
Jane Alexander
1916761840wife of David Gow
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image: 1030937
grave: 79491
Eliza Gray McKilligan
image number 1030937
image: 1030938
grave: 79492
Peter Davidson
image number 1030938
image: 1030939
grave: 79493
Thomas Moir
image number 1030939
image: 1030940
grave: 79494
Alexander Bruce
image number 1030940
image: 1030941
grave: 79495
Alexander MacEwan
image number 1030941
image: 1030943
grave: 79496
Annie Rogers
image number 1030943
image: 1030945
grave: 79497
Catherine Halley
image number 1030945
image: 1030946
grave: 79498
Elizabeth Roy
image number 1030946
image: 1030947
grave: 79499
Bunty Hay
image number 1030947
image: 1030948
grave: 79500
Robert Arnott
image number 1030948
image: 1030949
grave: 79501
David Gow
image number 1030949
image: 1030950
grave: 79502
Peter McLaren
image number 1030950
image: 1030952
grave: 79503
James Tait
image number 1030952
image: 1030955
grave: 79504
Donald Christie
image number 1030955
image: 1030956
grave: 79505
Daniel McAra
image number 1030956
image: 1030958
grave: 79506
Amelia Hills
image number 1030958
image: 1030962
grave: 79507
Alexander McIntosh
image number 1030962
image: 1030963
grave: 79508
David Turnbull Patterson
image number 1030963
image: 1030964
grave: 79509
Euphemia Carrie Dinnie
image number 1030964
image: 1030965
grave: 79510
Margaret Edgar Grerar
image number 1030965
image: 1030966
grave: 79511
William Roy
image number 1030966

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