Albert Thompson grave monument in St Andrew burial ground, Gargrave, Yorkshire, England

Albert Thompson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Albert Thompson
Margaret Thompson
10/05/19766901/04/1907relationship not known of Albert Thompson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Albert Thompson grave location

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image: 326
grave: 794576
Gertrude Verity
image number 326
image: 327
grave: 794577
Thomas Reynolds
image number 327
image: 328
grave: 794578
Alice M Weatherill
image number 328
image: 329
grave: 794579
Elsie Cowling
image number 329
image: 330
grave: 794580
Marjorie Steele
image number 330
image: 331
grave: 794581
Margaret Tennant
image number 331
image: 332
grave: 794582
John Arthur Chaffer
image number 332
image: 333
grave: 794583
Florence Turner
image number 333
image: 334
grave: 794584
Mary Ann Smith
image number 334
image: 335
grave: 794585
Ian Sinclair
image number 335
image: 336
grave: 794586
Albert Thompson
image number 336
image: 337
grave: 794587
Sarah Elizabeth Dent
image number 337
image: 338
grave: 794588
Thomas Hawxwell
image number 338
image: 339
grave: 794589
Ernest Townson
image number 339
image: 340
grave: 794590
Ellen Mallinson Milner
image number 340
image: 341
grave: 794591
Lilian Lewis
image number 341
image: 342
grave: 794592
Arthur Reeder
image number 342
image: 343
grave: 794593
Albert Edward Ford
image number 343
image: 344
grave: 794594
Thomas Bentley Wane
image number 344
image: 345
grave: 794595
Elizabeth Ellen Earnshaw
image number 345
image: 346
grave: 794596
Elizabeth Alice Bradley
image number 346

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