Alice Coomey grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Alice Coomey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice Coomey
1925 first name on monument
Mary Ganley nee Coomey
daughter of Alice Coomey
John Ganley
husband of Alice Coomey
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image: 1030838
grave: 79407
Ewen Donald Henry Thomson
image number 1030838
image: 1030839
grave: 79408
Malcolm Finlayson
image number 1030839
image: 1030840
grave: 79409
Alexander Graham
image number 1030840
image: 1030842
grave: 79410
Joseph Mitchell
image number 1030842
image: 1030843
grave: 79411
Euphemia Herron
image number 1030843
image: 1030844
grave: 79412
Catherine Stuart Allan
image number 1030844
image: 1030845
grave: 79413
Alexander Johnstone
image number 1030845
image: 1030846
grave: 79414
John McRae
image number 1030846
image: 1030847
grave: 79415
John Bell Faichney
image number 1030847
image: 1030848
grave: 79416
Margaret Wishart
image number 1030848
image: 1030849
grave: 79417
Alice Coomey
image number 1030849
image: 1030850
grave: 79418
Maidie Henderson
image number 1030850
image: 1030851
grave: 79419
Duncan Campbell
image number 1030851
image: 1030852
grave: 79420
Robert Wishart
image number 1030852
image: 1030854
grave: 79421
Joseph Drysdale Tweddle
image number 1030854
image: 1030855
grave: 79422
William Ewing
image number 1030855
image: 1030856
grave: 79423
Robert A Coull
image number 1030856
image: 1030857
grave: 79424
Alexander Mungo Simpson
image number 1030857
image: 1030859
grave: 79425
John McGregor
image number 1030859
image: 1030860
grave: 79426
Jane Dunlop
image number 1030860
image: 1030861
grave: 79427
Janet Bruce Fairbairn
image number 1030861

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