Susie J Campbell grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Susie J Campbell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Susie J Campbell
1897211876first name on monument
Hugh Campbell
1925791846father of Susie J Campbell
Ewen Bell
1917 grand son of Susie J Campbell
Barbara J H Crawford
1901 mother of Susie J Campbell
Robert James Campbell
1928 son of Susie J Campbell
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image: 1030711
grave: 79302
Alexander Stewart
image number 1030711
image: 1030712
grave: 79303
Alexander Skene
image number 1030712
image: 1030713
grave: 79304
Andrew Donaldson
image number 1030713
image: 1030714
grave: 79305
Meta Ann Kerr
image number 1030714
image: 1030715
grave: 79306
Christina Ann More
image number 1030715
image: 1030716
grave: 79307
John Duff
image number 1030716
image: 1030717
grave: 79308
John Allan
image number 1030717
image: 1030718
grave: 79309
James Agnes (Blind Aggie)
image number 1030718
image: 1030719
grave: 79310
Stewart Menzies
image number 1030719
image: 1030720
grave: 79311
Thomas R Monteath
image number 1030720
image: 1030721
grave: 79312
Susie J Campbell
image number 1030721
image: 1030722
grave: 79313
Janet Niven
image number 1030722
image: 1030723
grave: 79314
Charles C Scott
image number 1030723
image: 1030724
grave: 79315
Benjamin Robertson
image number 1030724
image: 1030725
grave: 79316
Jessie Taylor
image number 1030725
image: 1030726
grave: 79317
James McGibbon
image number 1030726
image: 1030727
grave: 79318
Frank Hutchison
image number 1030727
image: 1030728
grave: 79319
Charles Davidson
image number 1030728
image: 1030729
grave: 79320
Jane Isdale
image number 1030729
image: 1030730
grave: 79321
Hugh Wylie
image number 1030730
image: 1030731
grave: 79322
Isabella Wylie
image number 1030731

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