David Scrimgeour grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

David Scrimgeour grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David Scrimgeour
1875421833first name on monument
Janet Scrimgeour
1875171858daughter of David Scrimgeour
Betsy Sharp
1954851869daughter-in-law of David Scrimgeour
David Scrimgeour
1941741867son of David Scrimgeour
Mary Cramb
1898651833wife of David Scrimgeour
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image: 1030681
grave: 79278
Andrew Napier
image number 1030681
image: 1030683
grave: 79279
David D Sneddon
image number 1030683
image: 1030684
grave: 79280
William McLean
image number 1030684
image: 1030686
grave: 79281
Janet Miller
image number 1030686
image: 1030687
grave: 79282
Agnes Watt
image number 1030687
image: 1030688
grave: 79283
Janet McDonald
image number 1030688
image: 1030689
grave: 79284
Alexander MacKintosh
image number 1030689
image: 1030690
grave: 79285
William Duncan
image number 1030690
image: 1030691
grave: 79286
Helen Wylie
image number 1030691
image: 1030692
grave: 79287
Alexander Collie
image number 1030692
image: 1030693
grave: 79288
David Scrimgeour
image number 1030693
image: 1030694
grave: 79289
Joseph Stewart
image number 1030694
image: 1030695
grave: 79290
Robert Ferguson
image number 1030695
image: 1030698
grave: 79291
Peter Grerar
image number 1030698
image: 1030699
grave: 79292
John Taylor
image number 1030699
image: 1030700
grave: 79293
John Tracey
image number 1030700
image: 1030701
grave: 79294
Anne Reid
image number 1030701
image: 1030703
grave: 79295
Alexander McGregor
image number 1030703
image: 1030704
grave: 79296
Julia Ann Hepburn
image number 1030704
image: 1030705
grave: 79297
John McEwen
image number 1030705
image: 1030706
grave: 79298
John McAra
image number 1030706

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