Alexander Cameron grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Alexander Cameron grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alexander Cameron
1922451877first name on monument
Jessie Cameron
daughter of Alexander Cameron
John Cameron
1935341901son of Alexander Cameron
Penelope Cameron
1961 wife of Alexander Cameron
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alexander Cameron grave location

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image: 1030516
grave: 79162
Duncan Newlands
image number 1030516
image: 1030517
grave: 79163
Duncan MacDonald
image number 1030517
image: 1030520
grave: 79164
Marion McMillan
image number 1030520
image: 1030521
grave: 79165
John Moran
image number 1030521
image: 1030522
grave: 79166
Donald MacKay
image number 1030522
image: 1030523
grave: 79167
John Cunningham
image number 1030523
image: 1030524
grave: 79168
Emily Cramb
image number 1030524
image: 1030525
grave: 79169
Alexander McKenzie Sommerville
image number 1030525
image: 1030526
grave: 79170
Robert Hogg
image number 1030526
image: 1030527
grave: 79171
William Easton
image number 1030527
image: 1030528
grave: 79172
Alexander Cameron
image number 1030528
image: 1030529
grave: 79173
Rebecca Kalloch
image number 1030529
image: 1030530
grave: 79174
James Cairns
image number 1030530
image: 1030531
grave: 79175
Pharaoh Judge
image number 1030531
image: 1030532
grave: 79176
John McAra
image number 1030532
image: 1030533
grave: 79177
James Somerville
image number 1030533
image: 1030534
grave: 79178
Samuel Campbell
image number 1030534
image: 1030535
grave: 79179
Alexander Fraser
image number 1030535
image: 1030536
grave: 79180
Jessie Brown
image number 1030536
image: 1030538
grave: 79181
Stewart L Blair
image number 1030538
image: 1030539
grave: 79182
James Kane
image number 1030539

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