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Jane Brewell grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

Jane Brewell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jane Brewell
Edward Brewell
1885621823husband of Jane Brewell
Elizabeth McBurns
1886271859relationship not given of Jane Brewell
James Brewell
1885281857son of Jane Brewell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Jane Brewell grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 78573)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Jane Brewell was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Jane Brewell below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Jane Brewell grave.

image: 0064
grave: 78563
Samuel Bates
image number 0064
image: 0065
grave: 78564
Ralph Terry
image number 0065
image: 0065
grave: 78565
Ann Terry
image number 0065
image: 0066
grave: 78566
Ann Smith
image number 0066
image: 0067
grave: 78567
Susanna Hills
image number 0067
image: 0068
grave: 78568
Martha Jones
image number 0068
image: 0069
grave: 78569
Mary Ann Wilson
image number 0069
image: 0070
grave: 78570
John Sanderson
image number 0070
image: 0071
grave: 78571
John Robinson
image number 0071
image: 0072
grave: 78572
Francis Richardson
image number 0072
image: 0073
grave: 78573
Jane Brewell
image number 0073
image: 0074
grave: 78574
James Harrison
image number 0074
image: 0075
grave: 78575
George Dinsdale
image number 0075
image: 0076
grave: 78576
Thomas Langstaff
image number 0076
image: 0077
grave: 78577
John Flynn
image number 0077
image: 0078
grave: 78578
William Apedaile
image number 0078
image: 0079
grave: 78579
Augustus Blythman
image number 0079
image: 0080
grave: 78580
Christopher Parnaby
image number 0080
image: 0081
grave: 78581
Margaret Parnaby
image number 0081
image: 0082
grave: 78582
Mary Bolland
image number 0082
image: 0083
grave: 78583
George Winks
image number 0083

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