Newman Hollis grave monument in Beechwood cemetery, Beechwood, New South Wales, Australia

Newman Hollis grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Newman Hollis
Ellen Hollis
1886271859wife of Newman Hollis
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image: 213
grave: 784264
Mary Josephine Hollis
image number 213
image: 214
grave: 784265
Vincent John Hollis
image number 214
image: 215
grave: 784266
Robert Hollis
image number 215
image: 216
grave: 784267
Martha Coombes
image number 216
image: 217
grave: 784268
Johanna Martha Hollis
image number 217
image: 218
grave: 784269
Patrick Cecil O'niell
image number 218
image: 219
grave: 784270
Ernest James Hollis
image number 219
image: 220
grave: 784271
Maud Bridget Hollis
image number 220
image: 221
grave: 784272
Newman Hollis
image number 221
image: 222
grave: 784273
Ellen Hollis
image number 222
image: 223
grave: 784274
Newman Hollis
image number 223
image: 224
grave: 784275
Sarah Rosanna Hollis
image number 224
image: 225
grave: 784276
John Mc Cormack
image number 225
image: 226
grave: 784277
Knox Mc Avery
image number 226
image: 227
grave: 784278
John Cameron
image number 227
image: 228
grave: 784279
Ellen Mc Cormack
image number 228
image: 229
grave: 784280
George Mc Cormack
image number 229
image: 230
grave: 784281
Frank Monaghan
image number 230
image: 231
grave: 784282
Elizabeth Monaghan
image number 231
image: 232
grave: 784283
Margaret Monaghan
image number 232
image: 233
grave: 784284
Francis Monaghan
image number 233

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