Herta Anni Arndt grave monument in Polson cemetery, Point Vernon, Queensland, Australia

Herta Anni Arndt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Herta Anni Arndt
Horst Bernhard (Bernie) Arndt
2011901921relationship not known of Herta Anni Arndt
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image: 812
grave: 783805
Adam John Hetherington
image number 812
image: 813
grave: 783806
Adam Geoffrey Scott
image number 813
image: 814
grave: 783807
Oswald Meca
image number 814
image: 815
grave: 783808
Donald A Wise
image number 815
image: 816
grave: 783809
Raymond William Archbold
image number 816
image: 817
grave: 783810
James Michael Rigney
image number 817
image: 818
grave: 783811
Muriel Hazel Davidson
image number 818
image: 819
grave: 783812
Avice Muriel Dulcie Hopkins
image number 819
image: 820
grave: 783813
George Owen Anthony
image number 820
image: 821
grave: 783814
Hilda Nina Ross-Jones
image number 821
image: 822
grave: 783815
Herta Anni Arndt
image number 822
image: 823
grave: 783816
Remigius Hobbelen
image number 823
image: 824
grave: 783817
Charles Hardwick Strahan
image number 824
image: 825
grave: 783818
Desmond Walter Mulligan
image number 825
image: 826
grave: 783819
Roy Alfred Mc Kewin
image number 826
image: 827
grave: 783820
Lawrence Stanley Rasmussen
image number 827
image: 828
grave: 783821
Clive Mc Antee
image number 828
image: 829
grave: 783822
Margaret Ann Schiesser
image number 829
image: 830
grave: 783823
Teresa Evelyn Mackay
image number 830
image: 831
grave: 783824
Alan Trevor Andrew
image number 831
image: 832
grave: 783825
Clifford Stanley Pedersen
image number 832

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