Christopher Mawtus grave monument in St Andrew burial ground, Aldborough, Yorkshire, England

Christopher Mawtus grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Christopher Mawtus
Charles Christopher Mawtus
188021878son of Christopher Mawtus
Mary Mawtus
1901641837wife of Christopher Mawtus
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Christopher Mawtus grave location

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image: 0041
grave: 78109
Euphemia Brassington
image number 0041
image: 0042
grave: 78110
James Wilson
image number 0042
image: 0043
grave: 78111
Mary Elizabeth Cowell
image number 0043
image: 0044
grave: 78112
Emily Adamson
image number 0044
image: 0045
grave: 78113
Elizabeth Hill
image number 0045
image: 0046
grave: 78114
Thomas Dodsworth
image number 0046
image: 0047
grave: 78115
James Simpson
image number 0047
image: 0048
grave: 78116
Ann Julie Louise King
image number 0048
image: 0049
grave: 78117
Mary Thompson
image number 0049
image: 0050
grave: 78118
Richard Paver-Crow
image number 0050
image: 0051
grave: 78119
Christopher Mawtus
image number 0051
image: 0052
grave: 78120
Ellen Taylor
image number 0052
image: 0053
grave: 78121
William Taylor
image number 0053
image: 0054
grave: 78122
John Marwood
image number 0054
image: 0055
grave: 78123
Sarah Kendal
image number 0055
image: 0056
grave: 78124
William Lonsdale
image number 0056
image: 0057
grave: 78125
George Elliott Dunn
image number 0057
image: 0058
grave: 78126
William Dunn
image number 0058
image: 0059
grave: 78127
Jean Watt
image number 0059
image: 0060
grave: 78128
Robert Morley
image number 0060
image: 0061
grave: 78129
Thomas Scruton
image number 0061

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