Dorothy May Garton grave monument in Municipal , Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England

Dorothy May Garton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Dorothy May Garton
1989721917first name on monument
Ernest Garton
1959501909husband of Dorothy May Garton
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Dorothy May Garton grave location

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image: RWA 522
grave: 776861
Phyllis Mary Crosby
image number RWA 522
image: RWA 522
grave: 776862
Ernest Wilkinson
image number RWA 522
image: RWA 527
grave: 776863
James Steel Hogg
image number RWA 527
image: RWA 528
grave: 776864
Althea Trinder
image number RWA 528
image: RWA 536
grave: 776865
David Robb
image number RWA 536
image: RWA 540
grave: 776866
Archie Vickerstaff
image number RWA 540
image: RWA 541
grave: 776867
Karen Hogg
image number RWA 541
image: RWA 542
grave: 776868
Rhona Eileen Hammond
image number RWA 542
image: RWA 543
grave: 776869
James Richardson
image number RWA 543
image: RWA 544
grave: 776870
George Baker Charlton
image number RWA 544
image: RWA 547
grave: 776871
Dorothy May Garton
image number RWA 547
image: RWA 550
grave: 776872
Thomas A Hitch
image number RWA 550
image: RWA 553
grave: 776873
Winifred E Smith
image number RWA 553
image: RWA 557
grave: 776874
Joseph Green
image number RWA 557
image: RWA 558
grave: 776875
Wiliam Haywood
image number RWA 558
image: RWA 561
grave: 776876
George Hernry Tinsley
image number RWA 561
image: RWA 562
grave: 776877
Marion Didda Goodson
image number RWA 562
image: RWA 563
grave: 776878
Glenda Mary Brown
image number RWA 563
image: RWA 564
grave: 776879
Theresa Mcvicar
image number RWA 564
image: RWA 568
grave: 776880
Jim Bowden Powell
image number RWA 568
image: RWA 570
grave: 776881
Dorreen Emma Ball
image number RWA 570

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