Robert Burl grave monument in St Peter and St Paul burial ground, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

Robert Burl grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Burl
Mary Burl
1839 wife of Robert Burl
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Burl grave location

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image: 5584
grave: 67
Crawford McNab
image number 5584
image: 5585
grave: 68
Mr Clark
image number 5585
image: 5586
grave: 69
Mary Clark
image number 5586
image: 5587
grave: 70
George Kenneth Darling
image number 5587
image: 5588
grave: 71
Elizabeth Neeve
image number 5588
image: 5589
grave: 72
James Neeve
image number 5589
image: 5590
grave: 73
William Hindes
image number 5590
image: 5592
grave: 74
Elizabeth Sarah Birch
image number 5592
image: 5593
grave: 75
Mary Lissamore
image number 5593
image: 5595
grave: 76
Arthur Vesey
image number 5595
image: 5597
grave: 77
Robert Burl
image number 5597
image: 5598
grave: 78
Thomas Spurling
image number 5598
image: 5599
grave: 79
John Spurling
image number 5599
image: 5600
grave: 80
John Hillman Spurling
image number 5600
image: 5601
grave: 81
James Markham
image number 5601
image: 5602
grave: 82
Mary Elizabeth Stopford
image number 5602
image: 5603
grave: 83
Cecilia Hunt
image number 5603
image: 5604
grave: 84
Newson Garrett
image number 5604
image: 5605
grave: 85
Louisa Garrett
image number 5605
image: 5606
grave: 86
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
image number 5606
image: 5607
grave: 87
Edmund Garrett
image number 5607

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