Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765664Details of grave number 765664 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for John Norman Bishop

John Norman Bishop grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

John Norman Bishop grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Norman Bishop

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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 765664)

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image: IMG_0484
grave: 765654
Arthur H Elmer
image number IMG_0484
image: IMG_0486
grave: 765655
John Percival Charge
image number IMG_0486
image: IMG_0488
grave: 765656
Robert Ferdinand Charge
image number IMG_0488
image: IMG_0491
grave: 765657
Robert Gibson
image number IMG_0491
image: IMG_0493
grave: 765658
William Scaife
image number IMG_0493
image: IMG_0495
grave: 765659
Lewis Peaton Urquhart Pressley
image number IMG_0495
image: IMG_0501
grave: 765660
Cicely D Knibbs
image number IMG_0501
image: IMG_0502
grave: 765661
Elizabeth Robinson
image number IMG_0502
image: IMG_0503
grave: 765662
Robert Webb
image number IMG_0503
image: IMG_0504
grave: 765663
Audrey Elizabeth Bishop
image number IMG_0504
image: IMG_0505
grave: 765664
John Norman Bishop
image number IMG_0505
image: IMG_0506
grave: 765665
Martin Robinson
image number IMG_0506
image: IMG_0508
grave: 765666
Leslie Naismith
image number IMG_0508
image: IMG_0509
grave: 765667
Lily A Farminer
image number IMG_0509
image: IMG_0510
grave: 765668
William Cottier Hope
image number IMG_0510
image: IMG_0511
grave: 765669
Annie Jane Hardy
image number IMG_0511
image: IMG_0512
grave: 765670
William George Foreman
image number IMG_0512
image: IMG_0513
grave: 765671
John Goldsbrough
image number IMG_0513
image: IMG_0514
grave: 765672
George Plews
image number IMG_0514
image: IMG_0515
grave: 765673
Susan Dawson
image number IMG_0515
image: IMG_0516
grave: 765674
John T Knibbs
image number IMG_0516

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