Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765623Details of grave number 765623 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for Harold Wellesley Bellamy

Harold Wellesley Bellamy grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

Harold Wellesley Bellamy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harold Wellesley Bellamy

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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 765623)

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image: IMG_0426
grave: 765613
George A Hunt
image number IMG_0426
image: IMG_0427
grave: 765614
Harold Charles Smith
image number IMG_0427
image: IMG_0428
grave: 765615
George William Thorpe
image number IMG_0428
image: IMG_0429
grave: 765616
Jean Elizabeth Lowson
image number IMG_0429
image: IMG_0430
grave: 765617
Florence May Alderson
image number IMG_0430
image: IMG_0431
grave: 765618
Majorie Pay
image number IMG_0431
image: IMG_0432
grave: 765619
George Fleming
image number IMG_0432
image: IMG_0433
grave: 765620
Gladys Merrifield
image number IMG_0433
image: IMG_0434
grave: 765621
James Robert Sanderson
image number IMG_0434
image: IMG_0436
grave: 765622
Lancelot Benson
image number IMG_0436
image: IMG_0439
grave: 765623
Harold Wellesley Bellamy
image number IMG_0439
image: IMG_0440
grave: 765624
Winifred Susannah James
image number IMG_0440
image: IMG_0443
grave: 765625
Mary Johnson
image number IMG_0443
image: IMG_0444
grave: 765626
Katherine Victoria Leithgoe
image number IMG_0444
image: IMG_0445
grave: 765627
Sarah Louise Mennell
image number IMG_0445
image: IMG_0446
grave: 765628
Margaret Rose Potts
image number IMG_0446
image: IMG_0448
grave: 765629
Susan Anne Leeman
image number IMG_0448
image: IMG_0449
grave: 765630
Paul J F Veitch
image number IMG_0449
image: IMG_0450
grave: 765631
Richard Baxter Laugher
image number IMG_0450
image: IMG_0451
grave: 765632
Fred Blackwell
image number IMG_0451
image: IMG_0452
grave: 765633
Arthur Snowden
image number IMG_0452

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