Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765601Details of grave number 765601 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for Elsie Alice Allison

Elsie Alice Allison grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

Elsie Alice Allison grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elsie Alice Allison

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image: IMG_0394
grave: 765591
Mary Farr Roff
image number IMG_0394
image: IMG_0395
grave: 765592
John Kendall Charge
image number IMG_0395
image: IMG_0396
grave: 765593
Stanley Cook
image number IMG_0396
image: IMG_0397
grave: 765594
Wilfred Morland Charge
image number IMG_0397
image: IMG_0402
grave: 765595
Joan Smith
image number IMG_0402
image: IMG_0403
grave: 765596
Wilfred Brown
image number IMG_0403
image: IMG_0404
grave: 765597
Charlee Cameron
image number IMG_0404
image: IMG_0407
grave: 765598
Mollie Agnes Clark
image number IMG_0407
image: IMG_0408
grave: 765599
Richard William Robert Carter
image number IMG_0408
image: IMG_0409
grave: 765600
Josephine Horsley
image number IMG_0409
image: IMG_0412
grave: 765601
Elsie Alice Allison
image number IMG_0412
image: IMG_0413
grave: 765602
David Albert Cyril Royle
image number IMG_0413
image: IMG_0415
grave: 765603
Kenneth William Lord
image number IMG_0415
image: IMG_0416
grave: 765604
Doris Lord
image number IMG_0416
image: IMG_0418
grave: 765605
Brian Taylor
image number IMG_0418
image: IMG_0419
grave: 765606
Kenneth Stonier
image number IMG_0419
image: IMG_0420
grave: 765607
Rebecca Hindhaugh
image number IMG_0420
image: IMG_0421
grave: 765608
Frank Pearson Peacock
image number IMG_0421
image: IMG_0422
grave: 765609
Gladys Bainbridge
image number IMG_0422
image: IMG_0423
grave: 765610
Stanley Nicholson
image number IMG_0423
image: IMG_0424
grave: 765611
Vera Lewins
image number IMG_0424

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