Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765553Details of grave number 765553 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for Howard Bertram

Howard Bertram grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

Howard Bertram grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Howard Bertram
Anne Bertram
21/02/2017921925wife of Howard Bertram

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image: IMG_0329
grave: 765543
Ronald James
image number IMG_0329
image: IMG_0330
grave: 765544
Majorie Colbeck
image number IMG_0330
image: IMG_0331
grave: 765545
Elizabeth Tolley
image number IMG_0331
image: IMG_0332
grave: 765546
Oscar Patrick Mitchell Conway
image number IMG_0332
image: IMG_0333
grave: 765547
Walter Dixon
image number IMG_0333
image: IMG_0333
grave: 765548
Sadie Waghorn
image number IMG_0333
image: IMG_0335
grave: 765549
Charles Reginald Tallentire
image number IMG_0335
image: IMG_0336
grave: 765550
James Ryder
image number IMG_0336
image: IMG_0337
grave: 765551
Alice Liddle
image number IMG_0337
image: IMG_0338
grave: 765552
William Barker
image number IMG_0338
image: IMG_0339
grave: 765553
Howard Bertram
image number IMG_0339
image: IMG_0340
grave: 765554
Thomas Henry Graham
image number IMG_0340
image: IMG_0342
grave: 765555
Victoria Harriet Walton
image number IMG_0342
image: IMG_0343
grave: 765556
Paul Crosby
image number IMG_0343
image: IMG_0346
grave: 765557
Bob Hoggarth
image number IMG_0346
image: IMG_0347
grave: 765558
Archie C Stewart
image number IMG_0347
image: IMG_0348
grave: 765559
Ann Wilkinson
image number IMG_0348
image: IMG_0349
grave: 765560
Hilda H Nicholson
image number IMG_0349
image: IMG_0350
grave: 765561
David Derrick Needham
image number IMG_0350
image: IMG_0353
grave: 765562
Dorren Wood
image number IMG_0353
image: IMG_0354
grave: 765563
David Snell
image number IMG_0354

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