Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765530Details of grave number 765530 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for Harriet Allan

Harriet Allan grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

Harriet Allan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harriet Allan

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Harriet Allan grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 765530)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Harriet Allan was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Harriet Allan below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Harriet Allan grave.

image: IMG_0244
grave: 765490
Arthur Whatling
image number IMG_0244
image: IMG_0246
grave: 765491
Margery Wright
image number IMG_0246
image: IMG_0247
grave: 765492
W Barker
image number IMG_0247
image: IMG_0250
grave: 765493
Henry Panes
image number IMG_0250
image: IMG_0251
grave: 765494
E Spensley Dovenor
image number IMG_0251
image: IMG_0253
grave: 765495
Isabella Scott
image number IMG_0253
image: IMG_0255
grave: 765496
William Huitson
image number IMG_0255
image: IMG_0256
grave: 765497
Richard Percy Hett
image number IMG_0256
image: IMG_0257
grave: 765498
Phoebe Eleanor Gibson
image number IMG_0257
image: IMG_0258
grave: 765499
Ellen Elizabeth Crosby
image number IMG_0258
image: IMG_0259
grave: 765500
Joseph Gibson
image number IMG_0259
image: IMG_0260
grave: 765501
James Hunt
image number IMG_0260
image: IMG_0260
grave: 765502
Dororthy Hunt
image number IMG_0260
image: IMG_0264
grave: 765503
Christopher William Charge
image number IMG_0264
image: IMG_0265
grave: 765504
Thomas Metcalf
image number IMG_0265
image: IMG_0268
grave: 765505
Georgina Iveson
image number IMG_0268
image: IMG_0269
grave: 765506
Eva Brown
image number IMG_0269
image: IMG_0270
grave: 765507
Rebecca Robinson
image number IMG_0270
image: IMG_0271
grave: 765508
Margaret Robinson
image number IMG_0271
image: IMG_0273
grave: 765509
Mary Jane Gregory
image number IMG_0273
image: IMG_0277
grave: 765510
Louisa Hardy
image number IMG_0277
image: IMG_0278
grave: 765511
Alice Mildred Walton
image number IMG_0278
image: IMG_0279
grave: 765512
Thomas Bousfield
image number IMG_0279
image: IMG_0280
grave: 765513
Fred Lax
image number IMG_0280
image: IMG_0284
grave: 765514
Thomas Nesbitt
image number IMG_0284
image: IMG_0285
grave: 765515
George Charles Bowron
image number IMG_0285
image: IMG_0291
grave: 765516
John Richard Deacon
image number IMG_0291
image: IMG_0292
grave: 765517
James Stobbs
image number IMG_0292
image: IMG_0293
grave: 765518
Robert Herbert
image number IMG_0293
image: IMG_0294
grave: 765519
George Harrison
image number IMG_0294
image: IMG_0294
grave: 765520
John Harrison
image number IMG_0294
image: IMG_0299
grave: 765521
Martin Hardy
image number IMG_0299
image: IMG_0300
grave: 765522
Harold George Huitson
image number IMG_0300
image: IMG_0301
grave: 765523
Robert Wilson
image number IMG_0301
image: IMG_0302
grave: 765524
Ernest Mennell
image number IMG_0302
image: IMG_0304
grave: 765525
Arthur Brown
image number IMG_0304
image: IMG_0305
grave: 765526
Margaret Tennick
image number IMG_0305
image: IMG_0306
grave: 765527
William Kenneth Rourke
image number IMG_0306
image: IMG_0308
grave: 765528
Ethel Mudd
image number IMG_0308
image: IMG_0309
grave: 765529
Richard Keith Elmer
image number IMG_0309
image: IMG_0310
grave: 765530
Harriet Allan
image number IMG_0310
image: IMG_0311
grave: 765531
Ismay Gertrude Hardy
image number IMG_0311
image: IMG_0312
grave: 765532
Christopher Fawcett
image number IMG_0312
image: IMG_0313
grave: 765533
Nora Barr
image number IMG_0313
image: IMG_0314
grave: 765534
Mary Annie Shutt
image number IMG_0314
image: IMG_0316
grave: 765535
William Jackson
image number IMG_0316
image: IMG_0319
grave: 765536
Reuben Tuplin
image number IMG_0319
image: IMG_0320
grave: 765537
William Raymond Iveson
image number IMG_0320
image: IMG_0321
grave: 765538
Robert Wilfred Lamb
image number IMG_0321
image: IMG_0324
grave: 765539
Bertie Coil
image number IMG_0324
image: IMG_0326
grave: 765540
Annie Elizabeth Colling
image number IMG_0326
image: IMG_0327
grave: 765541
Mary Clark
image number IMG_0327
image: IMG_0328
grave: 765542
Hugh Frederick Eaton Johnson
image number IMG_0328
image: IMG_0329
grave: 765543
Ronald James
image number IMG_0329
image: IMG_0330
grave: 765544
Majorie Colbeck
image number IMG_0330
image: IMG_0331
grave: 765545
Elizabeth Tolley
image number IMG_0331
image: IMG_0332
grave: 765546
Oscar Patrick Mitchell Conway
image number IMG_0332
image: IMG_0333
grave: 765547
Walter Dixon
image number IMG_0333
image: IMG_0333
grave: 765548
Sadie Waghorn
image number IMG_0333
image: IMG_0335
grave: 765549
Charles Reginald Tallentire
image number IMG_0335
image: IMG_0336
grave: 765550
James Ryder
image number IMG_0336
image: IMG_0337
grave: 765551
Alice Liddle
image number IMG_0337
image: IMG_0338
grave: 765552
William Barker
image number IMG_0338
image: IMG_0339
grave: 765553
Howard Bertram
image number IMG_0339
image: IMG_0340
grave: 765554
Thomas Henry Graham
image number IMG_0340
image: IMG_0342
grave: 765555
Victoria Harriet Walton
image number IMG_0342
image: IMG_0343
grave: 765556
Paul Crosby
image number IMG_0343
image: IMG_0346
grave: 765557
Bob Hoggarth
image number IMG_0346
image: IMG_0347
grave: 765558
Archie C Stewart
image number IMG_0347
image: IMG_0348
grave: 765559
Ann Wilkinson
image number IMG_0348
image: IMG_0349
grave: 765560
Hilda H Nicholson
image number IMG_0349
image: IMG_0350
grave: 765561
David Derrick Needham
image number IMG_0350
image: IMG_0353
grave: 765562
Dorren Wood
image number IMG_0353
image: IMG_0354
grave: 765563
David Snell
image number IMG_0354
image: IMG_0355
grave: 765564
James Henry Miller
image number IMG_0355
image: IMG_0356
grave: 765565
Dorothy Schofield
image number IMG_0356
image: IMG_0358
grave: 765566
Christine Moore
image number IMG_0358
image: IMG_0360
grave: 765567
George William Brown
image number IMG_0360
image: IMG_0361
grave: 765568
Stuart Alexander Sanderson
image number IMG_0361
image: IMG_0362
grave: 765569
Norman Mauchan
image number IMG_0362
image: IMG_0363
grave: 765570
Mabel Preston
image number IMG_0363

Less thumbnails will be displayed if Harriet Allan grave photograph was takens either near the beginning or the end of the photographic session. Instead of an image you will see one or more small boxes similar to the one shown below:

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