Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 765515Details of grave number 765515 at St Mary Gainford on Tees for George Charles Bowron

George Charles Bowron grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Gainford on Tees, Durham, England

George Charles Bowron grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
George Charles Bowron
Annie Bowron
17/06/1946821864wife of George Charles Bowron

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image: IMG_0268
grave: 765505
Georgina Iveson
image number IMG_0268
image: IMG_0269
grave: 765506
Eva Brown
image number IMG_0269
image: IMG_0270
grave: 765507
Rebecca Robinson
image number IMG_0270
image: IMG_0271
grave: 765508
Margaret Robinson
image number IMG_0271
image: IMG_0273
grave: 765509
Mary Jane Gregory
image number IMG_0273
image: IMG_0277
grave: 765510
Louisa Hardy
image number IMG_0277
image: IMG_0278
grave: 765511
Alice Mildred Walton
image number IMG_0278
image: IMG_0279
grave: 765512
Thomas Bousfield
image number IMG_0279
image: IMG_0280
grave: 765513
Fred Lax
image number IMG_0280
image: IMG_0284
grave: 765514
Thomas Nesbitt
image number IMG_0284
image: IMG_0285
grave: 765515
George Charles Bowron
image number IMG_0285
image: IMG_0291
grave: 765516
John Richard Deacon
image number IMG_0291
image: IMG_0292
grave: 765517
James Stobbs
image number IMG_0292
image: IMG_0293
grave: 765518
Robert Herbert
image number IMG_0293
image: IMG_0294
grave: 765519
George Harrison
image number IMG_0294
image: IMG_0294
grave: 765520
John Harrison
image number IMG_0294
image: IMG_0299
grave: 765521
Martin Hardy
image number IMG_0299
image: IMG_0300
grave: 765522
Harold George Huitson
image number IMG_0300
image: IMG_0301
grave: 765523
Robert Wilson
image number IMG_0301
image: IMG_0302
grave: 765524
Ernest Mennell
image number IMG_0302
image: IMG_0304
grave: 765525
Arthur Brown
image number IMG_0304

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