Charles Dobson Stothard grave monument in Westfield Road cemetery, Selby, Yorkshire, England

Charles Dobson Stothard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Dobson Stothard
Leah Fawcett
10/08/1919 grand daughter of Charles Dobson StothardDied aged 4 months
George Stothard
21/05/191011909grand son of Charles Dobson StothardDied aged 19 months
Harold Stothard
27/06/1927 grand son of Charles Dobson StothardDied aged 6 months
Jane Anne Stothard
06/02/1887651822wife of Charles Dobson Stothard
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grave: 762063
Hannah Hawksworth
image number 693
image: 694
grave: 762064
Alice Nappey
image number 694
image: 695
grave: 762065
W Elphick
image number 695
image: 697
grave: 762066
John James Collinson
image number 697
image: 698
grave: 762067
James Dobson
image number 698
image: 699
grave: 762068
Edna Brown
image number 699
image: 700
grave: 762069
Bernard Clayton
image number 700
image: 701
grave: 762070
Robert Tomlinson Swift
image number 701
image: 702
grave: 762071
Thomas Woodcock
image number 702
image: 704
grave: 762072
Hannah Maude
image number 704
image: 705
grave: 762073
Charles Dobson Stothard
image number 705
image: 706
grave: 762074
Joseph Liddle
image number 706
image: 707
grave: 762075
Thomas Hawley
image number 707
image: 708
grave: 762076
Walter Wilkinson
image number 708

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