William H Simpson grave monument in Westfield Road cemetery, Selby, Yorkshire, England

William H Simpson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William H Simpson
09/11/1921691852A Florist of Selby
Sarah Frances Simpson
01/02/1959521907daughter of William H Simpson
Victor George Waterworth
19/07/19818819/01/1893husband of William H Simpson
Mary Ann Simpson
08/06/1942891853wife of William H Simpson
Clarice Elsie Waterworth
14/06/1921261895first wife of William H Simpson
Marion Waterworth
26/09/2000871913second wife of William H Simpson
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image: 402
grave: 761776
John Stacey
image number 402
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grave: 761777
Mary Frances Wright
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image: 404
grave: 761778
William Webster Wilkinson
image number 404
image: 405
grave: 761779
George Malham
image number 405
image: 406
grave: 761780
William Collins
image number 406
image: 407
grave: 761781
George Penrose
image number 407
image: 408
grave: 761782
Elizabeth Foster
image number 408
image: 409
grave: 761783
Harry Davey Baren
image number 409
image: 410
grave: 761784
John Henry Reader
image number 410
image: 411
grave: 761785
Albert Weaving
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image: 412
grave: 761786
William H Simpson
image number 412
image: 414
grave: 761787
Margaret Sheen
image number 414
image: 415
grave: 761788
John Jackson Stead
image number 415
image: 416
grave: 761789
Tom Haynes
image number 416
image: 417
grave: 761790
Mary Ann West
image number 417
image: 418
grave: 761791
Louisa Armstrong
image number 418
image: 419
grave: 761792
Samuel Suffill West
image number 419
image: 420
grave: 761793
Jane Potts
image number 420
image: 421
grave: 761794
James Bell
image number 421
image: 422
grave: 761795
Norman Mcleod Dryden
image number 422
image: 423
grave: 761796
Alcy Sparling Rocket
image number 423

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