F J Clive Gageler grave monument in St John burial ground, Giants Creek, New South Wales, Australia

F J Clive Gageler grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
F J Clive Gageler
Clarice M Gageler
1996861910relationship not known of F J Clive Gageler
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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 748080)

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Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the F J Clive Gageler grave.

image: 117
grave: 748070
Ronald George Cox
image number 117
image: 118
grave: 748071
Errol Henry Cox
image number 118
image: 119
grave: 748072
James Augustus Ham
image number 119
image: 120
grave: 748073
Maud Daniel
image number 120
image: 121
grave: 748074
Charles H Ham
image number 121
image: 122
grave: 748075
Heather Daniel
image number 122
image: 123
grave: 748076
Charles Albert Daniel
image number 123
image: 124
grave: 748077
Brock Troy Daniel
image number 124
image: 125
grave: 748078
Peter Anthony Cifala
image number 125
image: 126
grave: 748079
Ernest John Stanley Johnson
image number 126
image: 127
grave: 748080
F J Clive Gageler
image number 127
image: 128
grave: 748081
Frederick August Gageler
image number 128
image: 129
grave: 748082
Douglas Allan Mc Leod
image number 129
image: 130
grave: 748083
Esma Jean Mc Leod
image number 130
image: 131
grave: 748084
Edith Sarina Noy
image number 131
image: 132
grave: 748085
Caroline May Jones
image number 132
image: 133
grave: 748086
Malcolm John Manwaring
image number 133
image: 134
grave: 748087
Vera Gwendoline Weir
image number 134
image: 135
grave: 748088
Hunter Ernest Weir
image number 135
image: 136
grave: 748089
Jonathon Bruce Chillcott
image number 136
image: 137
grave: 748090
Arthur Victor Thirlwall
image number 137

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