Cyril John Hough grave monument in Municipal (Catholic section) cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Cyril John Hough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Cyril John Hough
Rita Mary Hough
1990821908wife of Cyril John Hough
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image: 1808
grave: 745559
Florence Mary Dunne
image number 1808
image: 1809
grave: 745560
John Henry Dunne
image number 1809
image: 1810
grave: 745561
Stephen Barclay Osmond
image number 1810
image: 1811
grave: 745562
Noela Margaret Osmond
image number 1811
image: 1812
grave: 745563
Ethel May Connolley
image number 1812
image: 1813
grave: 745564
Julia Kruk
image number 1813
image: 1814
grave: 745565
John Vincent Spelman
image number 1814
image: 1815
grave: 745566
Myrelle Avery
image number 1815
image: 1816
grave: 745567
Stephen Zdzislaw
image number 1816
image: 1817
grave: 745568
Joseph Bede Nolan
image number 1817
image: 1818
grave: 745569
Cyril John Hough
image number 1818
image: 1819
grave: 745570
Brigid Dolores Enright
image number 1819
image: 1820
grave: 745571
John Frank Kostrzewski
image number 1820
image: 1821
grave: 745572
Mary Hodgins
image number 1821
image: 1822
grave: 745573
Mary Ursula Kennedy
image number 1822
image: 1823
grave: 745574
Joyce Adams
image number 1823
image: 1824
grave: 745575
Mary Seraphina Macrae
image number 1824
image: 1825
grave: 745576
Mary Virgilius O'brien
image number 1825
image: 1826
grave: 745577
Mary Pauline Barrett
image number 1826
image: 1827
grave: 745578
Olive May Simpson
image number 1827
image: 1828
grave: 745579
Dorothy Catherine Moore
image number 1828

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