Elizabeth Blacklaws grave monument in Dean 2i cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Elizabeth Blacklaws grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Blacklaws
Agnes Isabella Nicoll nee Blacklaws
1857 daughter of Elizabeth Blacklaws
Joseph Nicoll
1879531826husband of Elizabeth Blacklaws
James Alexander Nicoll
186641862son of Elizabeth Blacklaws
Alexander McKenzie Nicoll
186961863son of Elizabeth Blacklaws
William Nicoll
187151866son of Elizabeth Blacklaws
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image: 13263
grave: 74504
Christina Gibson Aitken
image number 13263
image: 13264
grave: 74505
Robert Murray
image number 13264
image: 13266
grave: 74506
Theophile Bucher
image number 13266
image: 13267
grave: 74507
Johannes Ruprecht Dürpner
image number 13267
image: 13269
grave: 74508
John Kelly
image number 13269
image: 13274
grave: 74509
Arthur W S O'Neill
image number 13274
image: 13275
grave: 74510
Robert Clark
image number 13275
image: 13277
grave: 74511
Thomas Cowper
image number 13277
image: 13280
grave: 74512
Charlotte M Gilmore
image number 13280
image: 13282
grave: 74513
Thomas Haddow
image number 13282
image: 13283
grave: 74514
Elizabeth Blacklaws
image number 13283
image: 13284
grave: 74515
Jane Hepburn
image number 13284
image: 13289
grave: 74516
Thomas Wightman
image number 13289
image: 13291
grave: 74517
John McFarlane
image number 13291
image: 13293
grave: 74518
Thomas Crombie
image number 13293
image: 13295
grave: 74519
William Crawford
image number 13295
image: 13298
grave: 74520
George Peacock
image number 13298
image: 13299
grave: 74521
George Cossar
image number 13299
image: 13300
grave: 74522
Elizabeth Watson
image number 13300
image: 13302
grave: 74523
James Carstairs
image number 13302
image: 13305
grave: 74524
Evan MacDonell
image number 13305

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