Claude Edward Eisenhuth grave monument in Municipal (Catholic section) cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Claude Edward Eisenhuth grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Claude Edward Eisenhuth
Clarice Una Eisenhuth
1997831914relationship not known of Claude Edward Eisenhuth
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image: 1173
grave: 744924
John Gallagher
image number 1173
image: 1174
grave: 744925
Ellen Gallagher
image number 1174
image: 1175
grave: 744926
Ethel May Ryan
image number 1175
image: 1176
grave: 744927
Susan Compton
image number 1176
image: 1177
grave: 744928
Eileen Compton
image number 1177
image: 1178
grave: 744929
Teresa Jane Gillham
image number 1178
image: 1179
grave: 744930
Kenneth Michael Burgess
image number 1179
image: 1180
grave: 744931
Charles Ernest Eisenhuth
image number 1180
image: 1181
grave: 744932
Matthew Charles Slater
image number 1181
image: 1182
grave: 744933
Ronald Clyde Nichols
image number 1182
image: 1183
grave: 744934
Claude Edward Eisenhuth
image number 1183
image: 1184
grave: 744935
Patrick Neylan
image number 1184
image: 1185
grave: 744936
Mary A Kelly
image number 1185
image: 1186
grave: 744937
Annie Farrell
image number 1186
image: 1187
grave: 744938
Francis M Farrell
image number 1187
image: 1188
grave: 744939
Margaret Robinson
image number 1188
image: 1189
grave: 744940
Daniel Lyons
image number 1189
image: 1190
grave: 744941
Mary Rohan
image number 1190
image: 1191
grave: 744942
Bridget Bourke
image number 1191
image: 1192
grave: 744943
Lionel Stanley Compton
image number 1192
image: 1193
grave: 744944
Clare Lucy Edstein
image number 1193

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