Dandeson Coates Bell grave monument in Dean 2h , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Dandeson Coates Bell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Dandeson Coates Bell
1854611793first name on monument
Mary Jane Owen nee Bell
1915851830daughter of Dandeson Coates Bell
Claudius William Bell
1875381837son of Dandeson Coates Bell
George Coates Bell
1888511837son of Dandeson Coates Bell
Joseph Owen
1870561814son-in-law of Dandeson Coates Bell
Jane Smyttan
1859 wife of Dandeson Coates Bell
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image: 12818
grave: 74292
Andrew Paterson
image number 12818
image: 12827
grave: 74293
Henry Maxwell
image number 12827
image: 12828
grave: 74294
Peter Barclay
image number 12828
image: 12829
grave: 74295
William Campbell
image number 12829
image: 12830
grave: 74296
A D Young
image number 12830
image: 12832
grave: 74297
John Horatio Clarkson
image number 12832
image: 12833
grave: 74298
Henry Vibart Clegg
image number 12833
image: 12838
grave: 74299
Agnes Hepburn
image number 12838
image: 12840/1/2
grave: 74300
Theresa Caugain
image number 12840/1/2
image: 12844
grave: 74301
Richard Aiken
image number 12844
image: 12847
grave: 74302
Dandeson Coates Bell
image number 12847
image: 12851
grave: 74303
John Smith
image number 12851
image: 12855
grave: 74304
William Fallowfield
image number 12855
image: 12856
grave: 74305
Margaret Pollock
image number 12856
image: 12857
grave: 74306
James Forrest Tod
image number 12857
image: 12858
grave: 74307
Charles MacKay
image number 12858
image: 12859
grave: 74308
Alexander Fleming
image number 12859
image: 12861
grave: 74309
Catherine Tuke
image number 12861
image: 12863
grave: 74310
David Slimon
image number 12863
image: 12866
grave: 74311
John Watherston
image number 12866
image: 12867
grave: 74312
Cecilia Johnston
image number 12867

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