Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 74129Details of grave number 74129 at Dean 2g Edinburgh for Cathrine Oswald

Cathrine Oswald grave monument in Dean 2g cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Cathrine Oswald grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Cathrine Oswald
William Hodgson Liddell
1886671819husband of Cathrine Oswald
James Oswald Liddell
1862 son of Cathrine Oswald
William Henry Liddell
1876201856son of Cathrine Oswald

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image: 12530
grave: 74119
George J Dickison
image number 12530
image: 12532
grave: 74120
James McAlpine
image number 12532
image: 12533
grave: 74121
Elizabeth Blackhall Roger
image number 12533
image: 12537
grave: 74122
Robert Rutherford
image number 12537
image: 12541
grave: 74123
Thomas Kennedy
image number 12541
image: 12542
grave: 74124
Thomas Anderson
image number 12542
image: 12543
grave: 74125
Mary Burnett
image number 12543
image: 12544
grave: 74126
John Campbell Fleming
image number 12544
image: 12546
grave: 74127
James MacKintosh
image number 12546
image: 12547
grave: 74128
Helen Falconer
image number 12547
image: 12550
grave: 74129
Cathrine Oswald
image number 12550
image: 12551
grave: 74130
Mary Graham
image number 12551
image: 12552
grave: 74131
Charles McKutcheon
image number 12552
image: 12553
grave: 74132
Mary Brown
image number 12553
image: 12555
grave: 74133
Laurence Millar
image number 12555
image: 12556
grave: 74134
George Sime
image number 12556
image: 12557
grave: 74135
John Cameron
image number 12557
image: 12558
grave: 74136
William Wilson
image number 12558
image: 12561
grave: 74137
Elizabeth Southry
image number 12561
image: 12562
grave: 74138
Margaret Urquhart
image number 12562
image: 12564
grave: 74139
Margaret G Orr
image number 12564

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