Charles J Whiter grave monument in St Nicholas burial ground, Gosforth, Northumberland, England

Charles J Whiter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles J Whiter
Charlotte S Whiter
02/10/1930661864wife of Charles J Whiter
Margaret Thompson
13/04/1910871823relationship not known of Charles J Whiter
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image: DSC_0651
grave: 740607
T Worthington
image number DSC_0651
image: DSC_0652
grave: 740608
J L Glover
image number DSC_0652
image: DSC_0653
grave: 740609
Jane Wilby
image number DSC_0653
image: DSC_0654
grave: 740610
L Hairby
image number DSC_0654
image: DSC_0655
grave: 740611
J Everest
image number DSC_0655
image: DSC_0656
grave: 740612
Henry Usher
image number DSC_0656
image: DSC_0657
grave: 740613
Sarah Ellen Sadd
image number DSC_0657
image: DSC_0658
grave: 740614
William J Watson
image number DSC_0658
image: DSC_0659
grave: 740615
Fred Watson
image number DSC_0659
image: DSC_0660
grave: 740616
William Searle Hicks
image number DSC_0660
image: DSC_0661
grave: 740617
Charles J Whiter
image number DSC_0661
image: DSC_0662
grave: 740618
George Smith
image number DSC_0662
image: DSC_0663
grave: 740619
David Alexander Larmour
image number DSC_0663
image: DSC_0664
grave: 740620
Jessie S Carter
image number DSC_0664
image: DSC_0665
grave: 740621
William John Pearson
image number DSC_0665
image: DSC_0666
grave: 740622
Robert Hindmarsh
image number DSC_0666
image: DSC_0667
grave: 740623
J C B Porter
image number DSC_0667
image: DSC_0668
grave: 740624
Isaac Butcher
image number DSC_0668
image: DSC_0669
grave: 740625
Allie Cummings
image number DSC_0669
image: DSC_0670
grave: 740626
H R Bithell
image number DSC_0670
image: DSC_0671
grave: 740627
Robert Sewell
image number DSC_0671

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