Florence Capeling grave monument in St Peter and St Paul burial ground, Stainton, Yorkshire, England

Florence Capeling grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Florence Capeling
John Stephen Capeling
2009851924husband of Florence Capeling
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Florence Capeling grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 734697)

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image: 2893
grave: 734687
Augusta Reid
image number 2893
image: 2894
grave: 734688
Hazel E Sanderson
image number 2894
image: 2897
grave: 734689
John William Jackson
image number 2897
image: 2899
grave: 734690
Samuel Ollerhead
image number 2899
image: 2900
grave: 734691
John Horison
image number 2900
image: 2904
grave: 734692
Dudley Edward Burton
image number 2904
image: 2905
grave: 734693
Robin Chapman
image number 2905
image: 2907
grave: 734694
Ronald Olsen
image number 2907
image: 2908
grave: 734695
Ellen Beatrice Rees
image number 2908
image: 2909
grave: 734696
Alan Thompson
image number 2909
image: 2910
grave: 734697
Florence Capeling
image number 2910
image: 2911
grave: 734698
Helen Rachael Lawson Patterson
image number 2911
image: 2912
grave: 734699
Anthony Richard Harris
image number 2912
image: 2913
grave: 734700
Theresa Doreen Howard
image number 2913
image: 2914
grave: 734701
Mary Brown
image number 2914
image: 2915
grave: 734702
Robert Curzon
image number 2915
image: 2916
grave: 734703
Harold Atkinson
image number 2916
image: 2917
grave: 734704
John W Day
image number 2917
image: 2918
grave: 734705
William Edward Burton
image number 2918
image: 2919
grave: 734706
John Robert Maynard
image number 2919
image: 2920
grave: 734707
John Mowatt Lennard
image number 2920

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