Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 728643Details of grave number 728643 at St Mary and All Saints Willoughby-on-the-Wolds for David William Sissins

David William Sissins grave monument in St Mary and All Saints burial ground, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Nottinghamshire, England

David William Sissins grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David William Sissins
Margaret May Sissins
2008881920wife of David William Sissins

Breadcrumb trail images to help find David William Sissins grave location

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image: WIW 526
grave: 728633
Dennis Roe
image number WIW 526
image: WIW 526
grave: 728634
John Gibson Atkinson
image number WIW 526
image: WIW 528
grave: 728635
Joyce Tudor
image number WIW 528
image: WIW 529
grave: 728636
J Edgar Dalby
image number WIW 529
image: WIW 530
grave: 728637
Kathleen Sleigh
image number WIW 530
image: WIW 531
grave: 728638
Brian Sleigh
image number WIW 531
image: WIW 532
grave: 728639
Ivy Dalby
image number WIW 532
image: WIW 533
grave: 728640
Albert Evans Robinson
image number WIW 533
image: WIW 534
grave: 728641
Cyril Horace Henson
image number WIW 534
image: WIW 534
grave: 728642
Rita May Henson
image number WIW 534
image: WIW 535
grave: 728643
David William Sissins
image number WIW 535
image: WIW 537
grave: 728644
Reginald Ernest Screaton
image number WIW 537
image: WIW 538
grave: 728645
Percy W Screaton
image number WIW 538
image: WIW 539
grave: 728646
Jack C Jones
image number WIW 539
image: WIW 539
grave: 728647
Muriel Jones
image number WIW 539
image: WIW 540
grave: 728648
Christopher Rowlinson
image number WIW 540
image: WIW 541
grave: 728649
Gladys Rowlinson
image number WIW 541
image: WIW 542
grave: 728650
Isabeta Holwell
image number WIW 542
image: WIW 543
grave: 728651
Zec* Holwell
image number WIW 543
image: WIW 544
grave: 728652
Isabeta Holwell
image number WIW 544
image: WIW 545
grave: 728653
Robert Gee
image number WIW 545

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