Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 728449Details of grave number 728449 at St Mary and All Saints Willoughby-on-the-Wolds for Harriett Wells

Harriett Wells grave monument in St Mary and All Saints burial ground, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Nottinghamshire, England

Harriett Wells grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harriett Wells
John Wells
1905671838husband of Harriett Wells
Martha Wells
1946791867relationship not given of Harriett Wells

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image: WIW 157
grave: 728439
Mary Parker
image number WIW 157
image: WIW 158
grave: 728440
Thomas Matthews
image number WIW 158
image: WIW 159
grave: 728441
Annie Eliza Barlow
image number WIW 159
image: WIW 161
grave: 728442
Joseph Barnett Barlow
image number WIW 161
image: WIW 162
grave: 728443
Norman Richard Screaton
image number WIW 162
image: WIW 164
grave: 728444
Robert Screaton
image number WIW 164
image: WIW 165
grave: 728445
William Clarke Nixon
image number WIW 165
image: WIW 166
grave: 728446
Joseph Wells Nixon
image number WIW 166
image: WIW 172
grave: 728447
Frances Mary Burnett
image number WIW 172
image: WIW 173
grave: 728448
Frances Mary Burnett
image number WIW 173
image: WIW 175
grave: 728449
Harriett Wells
image number WIW 175
image: WIW 177
grave: 728450
Alfred Bradley
image number WIW 177
image: WIW 182
grave: 728451
Martha Smedley
image number WIW 182
image: WIW 184
grave: 728452
Elizabeth Foster
image number WIW 184
image: WIW 185
grave: 728453
Charles Gunn
image number WIW 185
image: WIW 186
grave: 728454
Smith Wakerley
image number WIW 186
image: WIW 187
grave: 728455
Henry Screaton
image number WIW 187
image: WIW 188
grave: 728456
George Green
image number WIW 188
image: WIW 189
grave: 728457
William Goodacre
image number WIW 189
image: WIW 191
grave: 728458
William Screaton
image number WIW 191
image: WIW 194
grave: 728459
Elizabeth Mills Screaton
image number WIW 194

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