Thomas Walker grave monument in St Mary and All Saints burial ground, Hawksworth, Nottinghamshire, England

Thomas Walker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Walker
1811 Son of William and Margaret Walker who departed this Life April 18th 1811 Aged 3 Months
William Walker
father of Thomas Walker
Margaret Walker
mother of Thomas Walker
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image: DSC05190
grave: 727541
Lucy Hunt
image number DSC05190
image: DSC05195
grave: 727542
Donald Marsh Stubbs
image number DSC05195
image: DSC05201
grave: 727543
John Steel
image number DSC05201
image: SCW 044
grave: 727544
John Sumner
image number SCW 044
image: SCW 045
grave: 727545
Catherine *******
image number SCW 045
image: SCW 046
grave: 727546
Ann Brown
image number SCW 046
image: SCW 047
grave: 727547
Caroline Ann Fletcher
image number SCW 047
image: SCW 049
grave: 727548
Anne Robinson
image number SCW 049
image: SCW 050
grave: 727549
William Robinson
image number SCW 050
image: SCW 051
grave: 727550
George Walker
image number SCW 051
image: SCW 052
grave: 727551
Thomas Walker
image number SCW 052
image: SCW 053
grave: 727552
Elizabeth Walker
image number SCW 053
image: SCW 054
grave: 727553
Joseph Walker
image number SCW 054
image: SCW 055
grave: 727554
Sarah Walker
image number SCW 055
image: SCW 056
grave: 727555
Margaret Walker
image number SCW 056
image: SCW 057
grave: 727556
John Walker
image number SCW 057
image: SCW 058
grave: 727557
Edward Clark
image number SCW 058
image: SCW 059
grave: 727558
James Clark
image number SCW 059
image: SCW 060
grave: 727559
Margaret Clark
image number SCW 060
image: SCW 061
grave: 727560
Will M Mitchell
image number SCW 061
image: SCW 062
grave: 727561
Stephen Cecil Armitage
image number SCW 062

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