Phebe Marion Thompson grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Billingshurst, Sussex, England

Phebe Marion Thompson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Phebe Marion Thompson
Sydney Norman Thompson
1983761907husband of Phebe Marion Thompson
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image: ITX 205
grave: 725606
Charles Bush
image number ITX 205
image: ITX 206
grave: 725607
Elizabeth Tucker
image number ITX 206
image: ITX 208
grave: 725608
Wiktor Wolczac
image number ITX 208
image: ITX 209
grave: 725609
Doreen Lucy Cooper
image number ITX 209
image: ITX 212
grave: 725610
Edith Ethel Stanbrook
image number ITX 212
image: ITX 212
grave: 725611
Florence Elizabeth Mary Willett
image number ITX 212
image: ITX 215
grave: 725612
Frank Sydney Mahon
image number ITX 215
image: ITX 217
grave: 725613
Edith Grantham
image number ITX 217
image: ITX 218
grave: 725614
Raymond T H Hayler
image number ITX 218
image: ITX 221
grave: 725615
Sidney Norman Thompson
image number ITX 221
image: ITX 222
grave: 725616
Phebe Marion Thompson
image number ITX 222
image: ITX 225
grave: 725617
Frances May Francis
image number ITX 225
image: ITX 226
grave: 725618
Jane Smith
image number ITX 226
image: ITX 228
grave: 725619
Olive Clara Parsons
image number ITX 228
image: ITX 229
grave: 725620
William Charles Burch
image number ITX 229
image: ITX 229
grave: 725621
Rosina Constant
image number ITX 229
image: ITX 229
grave: 725622
Frederick Wells
image number ITX 229
image: ITX 234
grave: 725623
Sarah Ann Smith
image number ITX 234
image: ITX 239
grave: 725624
Edward Nelson Cayley
image number ITX 239
image: ITX 240
grave: 725625
Walter Eustace Adam
image number ITX 240
image: ITX 242
grave: 725626
Charles Mouland
image number ITX 242

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