Henry Joseph Badior grave monument in Municipal (Anglican section) cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Henry Joseph Badior grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry Joseph Badior
Ethel May Badior
1986951891wife of Henry Joseph Badior
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image: 831
grave: 718130
Winifred Chandler
image number 831
image: 832
grave: 718131
Ivy Myrtle Middis
image number 832
image: 833
grave: 718132
Roslyn Isabell Darcey
image number 833
image: 834
grave: 718133
Stephen John Swanson
image number 834
image: 835
grave: 718134
Elsie Florence Lillian Paxton
image number 835
image: 836
grave: 718135
Kosta Kamci
image number 836
image: 837
grave: 718136
Beresford Mayers
image number 837
image: 838
grave: 718137
Joan Eileen O'brien
image number 838
image: 839
grave: 718138
Vida Sternbeck
image number 839
image: 840
grave: 718139
Ida Edna Parish
image number 840
image: 841
grave: 718140
Henry Joseph Badior
image number 841
image: 842
grave: 718141
Leonard Raymond Mills
image number 842
image: 843
grave: 718142
Cecil Vincent Hile
image number 843
image: 844
grave: 718143
Carl Frederick Vollmer
image number 844
image: 845
grave: 718144
James Clarence Woods
image number 845
image: 846
grave: 718145
Unita Jean Gore
image number 846
image: 847
grave: 718146
Frank Russell Gore
image number 847
image: 848
grave: 718147
William John McDougall
image number 848
image: 849
grave: 718148
Lesley McDougall
image number 849
image: 850
grave: 718149
James John Moscovis
image number 850
image: 851
grave: 718150
Lindsay Herbert Johnson
image number 851

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