Ermine Alfrada Browne grave monument in Municipal (Presbyterian section) cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Ermine Alfrada Browne grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ermine Alfrada Browne
Aubrey Thomas Browne
1959741885relationship not known of Ermine Alfrada Browne
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image: 308
grave: 715853
John Munro
image number 308
image: 309
grave: 715854
Roden Foster Crichton
image number 309
image: 310
grave: 715855
Louisa Farrow
image number 310
image: 311
grave: 715856
Jeffrey Walter Livingston Farrow
image number 311
image: 312
grave: 715857
Sarah Mcphie
image number 312
image: 313
grave: 715858
Angus Mcphie
image number 313
image: 314
grave: 715859
Basil Browne
image number 314
image: 315
grave: 715860
Edith Adelaide Browne
image number 315
image: 316
grave: 715861
Robert McKenzie Browne
image number 316
image: 317
grave: 715862
Ada Browne
image number 317
image: 318
grave: 715863
Ermine Alfrada Browne
image number 318
image: 319
grave: 715864
Baby Archer
image number 319
image: 320
grave: 715865
Jean Henderson
image number 320
image: 321
grave: 715866
Maud Oxlee
image number 321
image: 322
grave: 715867
Harry George Smith
image number 322
image: 323
grave: 715868
Mary Monro
image number 323
image: 324
grave: 715869
Agnes Mary Ash Scobie
image number 324
image: 325
grave: 715870
John Warren Ash Scobie
image number 325
image: 326
grave: 715871
Ben Boyd Ash Scobie
image number 326
image: 327
grave: 715872
Robert Scobie
image number 327
image: 328
grave: 715873
Mary Scobie
image number 328

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