Robert John Lawton grave monument in Widnes (section 8U) , Widnes, Lancashire, England

Robert John Lawton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert John Lawton
1923471876first name on monument
Elizabeth Lawton
1954801874wife of Robert John Lawton
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image: 585
grave: 715192
Beatrice Alice Dunning
image number 585
image: 586
grave: 715193
Joseph Henry Rowland
image number 586
image: 587
grave: 715194
George Roberts
image number 587
image: 588
grave: 715195
Veronica Elizabeth Clark
image number 588
image: 589
grave: 715196
John Morris
image number 589
image: 590
grave: 715197
Charles Henry Rickard
image number 590
image: 591
grave: 715198
Mary Elizabeth Leach
image number 591
image: 592
grave: 715199
Florence Alice Ridgway
image number 592
image: 593
grave: 715200
Lavinia Basnett
image number 593
image: 594
grave: 715201
John Jones
image number 594
image: 595
grave: 715202
Robert John Lawton
image number 595
image: 596
grave: 715203
John Horridge Maudsley
image number 596
image: 597
grave: 715204
James Augustus Taylor
image number 597
image: 601
grave: 715205
Mary Nevitt
image number 601
image: 602
grave: 715206
Daniel Thomas Rathbone
image number 602
image: 603
grave: 715207
Thomas Royle
image number 603
image: 604
grave: 715208
Charles Henry Rimmer
image number 604
image: 605
grave: 715209
Jessie Campbell
image number 605
image: 606
grave: 715210
Arthur Eric Varndell
image number 606
image: 607
grave: 715211
Pollie Wendt Houslay
image number 607
image: 608
grave: 715212
Ellen Saxe
image number 608

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