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Alice Rackham grave monument in Municipal (part 3) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Alice Rackham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice Rackham
John Rackham
husband of Alice Rackham
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alice Rackham grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 700944)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Alice Rackham was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Alice Rackham below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Alice Rackham grave.

image: MDMun 2458
grave: 700934
John Albert Barnes
image number MDMun 2458
image: MDMun 2459
grave: 700935
Joseph S Therland
image number MDMun 2459
image: MDMun 2460
grave: 700936
Emmeline H Wood
image number MDMun 2460
image: MDMun 2461
grave: 700937
Rachel Mogridge
image number MDMun 2461
image: MDMun 2462
grave: 700938
Lena Slade
image number MDMun 2462
image: MDMun 2463
grave: 700939
Lewis Winter
image number MDMun 2463
image: MDMun 2464
grave: 700940
Louisa Baker
image number MDMun 2464
image: MDMun 2465
grave: 700941
Vera Plenty
image number MDMun 2465
image: MDMun 2466
grave: 700942
William T Mason
image number MDMun 2466
image: MDMun 2467
grave: 700943
Frederick Chidgey
image number MDMun 2467
image: MDMun 2468
grave: 700944
Alice Rackham
image number MDMun 2468
image: MDMun 2470
grave: 700945
John Button Rackham
image number MDMun 2470
image: MDMun 2471
grave: 700946
Mary Ann Sluggett
image number MDMun 2471
image: MDMun 2472
grave: 700947
Mary Ann Scott
image number MDMun 2472
image: MDMun 2473
grave: 700948
Emily Laura Reynolds
image number MDMun 2473
image: MDMun 2474
grave: 700949
Jane Elizabeth Reynolds
image number MDMun 2474
image: MDMun 2475
grave: 700950
Henry Frederick Crick
image number MDMun 2475
image: MDMun 2476
grave: 700951
Arthur Henry Fielden
image number MDMun 2476
image: MDMun 2477
grave: 700952
Ellen Gibson Ellis
image number MDMun 2477
image: MDMun 2478
grave: 700953
William Halliwell
image number MDMun 2478
image: MDMun 2479
grave: 700954
Eveline Bessie Norman
image number MDMun 2479

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