Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 698159Details of grave number 698159 at Municipal Nelson Bay for Ronald Herbert Groves

Ronald Herbert Groves grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Ronald Herbert Groves grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ronald Herbert Groves
David Ronald Groves
2014671947relationship not known of Ronald Herbert Groves

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image: 45
grave: 698149
Nettie Barbara Homer
image number 45
image: 46
grave: 698150
Ronald A G Laman
image number 46
image: 47
grave: 698151
Emmeline Ada Laman
image number 47
image: 48
grave: 698152
Margaret May Gordon
image number 48
image: 49
grave: 698153
George Archie Robinson
image number 49
image: 50
grave: 698154
Alfred Laman
image number 50
image: 51
grave: 698155
J Davis
image number 51
image: 52
grave: 698156
W J Davis
image number 52
image: 53
grave: 698157
Richard Robert Davis
image number 53
image: 54
grave: 698158
Lester James Groves
image number 54
image: 55
grave: 698159
Ronald Herbert Groves
image number 55
image: 56
grave: 698160
Sydney Alexander Osmand
image number 56
image: 57
grave: 698161
John Patrick Wilcock
image number 57
image: 58
grave: 698162
Jean Elizabeth Tracy
image number 58
image: 59
grave: 698163
Leonard Ernest Bauer
image number 59
image: 60
grave: 698164
George Richard Burwell
image number 60
image: 61
grave: 698165
Ernest Diemar
image number 61
image: 62
grave: 698166
Sarah Turton
image number 62
image: 63
grave: 698167
James Leslie Colin Turton
image number 63
image: 64
grave: 698168
Alfred Ernest Diemar
image number 64
image: 65
grave: 698169
Glynis Robinson
image number 65

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