Henry Oliver Pepper grave monument in Pioneer Hill , Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia

Henry Oliver Pepper grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry Oliver (Harry) Pepper
first name on monument
Eva Jane Pepper
relationship not known of Henry Oliver Pepper
Aunt Wright Pepper
relationship not known of Henry Oliver Pepper
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image: 32
grave: 697596
Edith Mc Farlane
image number 32
image: 33
grave: 697597
Anna Lavis
image number 33
image: 34
grave: 697598
Asenath Slade
image number 34
image: 35
grave: 697599
Anna Maria Cox
image number 35
image: 36
grave: 697600
William George Wattus
image number 36
image: 37
grave: 697601
Frances Wattus
image number 37
image: 38
grave: 697602
James Thorn
image number 38
image: 39
grave: 697603
Uriah Milham
image number 39
image: 40
grave: 697604
Louisa Dawson
image number 40
image: 41
grave: 697605
George Bryant
image number 41
image: 42
grave: 697606
Henry Oliver Pepper
image number 42
image: 43
grave: 697607
Hannah Cuckney
image number 43
image: 44
grave: 697608
Alfred James Barnes
image number 44
image: 45
grave: 697609
Fanny Blanch
image number 45
image: 46
grave: 697610
George Wattus
image number 46
image: 47
grave: 697611
James Davis
image number 47
image: 48
grave: 697612
Will Walker
image number 48
image: 49
grave: 697613
Valentine Boyce
image number 49
image: 50
grave: 697614
Rebecca Adam
image number 50
image: 51
grave: 697615
Rebecca Adam
image number 51
image: 52
grave: 697616
Harriet Cross
image number 52

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