Robert Bennett grave monument in St Mary (part 2) , Heworth, Durham, England

Robert Bennett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Bennett
1954581896first name on monument
Mary Josephine Bennett
1969801889relationship not given of Robert Bennett
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Bennett grave location

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image: 6645
grave: 694519
Veronica Teresa Reid
image number 6645
image: 6646
grave: 694520
Frederick Athol Craig
image number 6646
image: 6647
grave: 694521
Catherine Tweddell
image number 6647
image: 6648
grave: 694522
Robert Holland
image number 6648
image: 6649
grave: 694523
Edward B Hall
image number 6649
image: 6650
grave: 694524
Emily Holywell
image number 6650
image: 6651
grave: 694525
Robert Walker
image number 6651
image: 6652
grave: 694526
Sarah Annie Hall
image number 6652
image: 6653
grave: 694527
Mary Jane Farrell
image number 6653
image: 6654
grave: 694528
Thomas Ross
image number 6654
image: 6655
grave: 694529
Robert Bennett
image number 6655
image: 6656
grave: 694530
Henrietta Bell
image number 6656
image: 6657
grave: 694531
George Huddart
image number 6657
image: 6658
grave: 694532
Donald Joseph Douglas
image number 6658
image: 6659
grave: 694533
James Storey
image number 6659
image: 6660
grave: 694534
Linda Mills
image number 6660
image: 6661
grave: 694535
Maurice White
image number 6661
image: 6662
grave: 694536
Elsie E Cresswell
image number 6662
image: 6663
grave: 694537
Minnie Cheyne
image number 6663
image: 6664
grave: 694538
Frederick Charles Kelly
image number 6664
image: 6665
grave: 694539
John Ferguson
image number 6665

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