Eleanor Buck grave monument in St Mary (part 2) cemetery, Heworth, Durham, England

Eleanor Buck grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eleanor Buck
John W Buck
1951711880father of Eleanor Buck
Mary Annie Buck
1950691881mother of Eleanor Buck
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Eleanor Buck grave location

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image: 6596
grave: 694476
Hannah Carlaw
image number 6596
image: 6597
grave: 694477
John Coulson
image number 6597
image: 6598
grave: 694478
Thomas Scott Gray
image number 6598
image: 6599
grave: 694479
George Armstrong
image number 6599
image: 6600
grave: 694480
Grace Margaret Potts
image number 6600
image: 6601
grave: 694481
P Scott
image number 6601
image: 6602
grave: 694482
Jane Watson
image number 6602
image: 6603
grave: 694483
Amy Olds
image number 6603
image: 6604
grave: 694484
Thomas William Forster
image number 6604
image: 6605
grave: 694485
James Ernest Lynn
image number 6605
image: 6606
grave: 694486
Eleanor Buck
image number 6606
image: 6607
grave: 694487
William Rourke
image number 6607
image: 6608
grave: 694488
John Robert Reay
image number 6608
image: 6610
grave: 694489
Thomas Cuthbertson
image number 6610
image: 6611
grave: 694490
Catherine Cooper
image number 6611
image: 6612
grave: 694491
Alexander Turner
image number 6612
image: 6613
grave: 694492
Thomas A Taylor
image number 6613
image: 6614
grave: 694493
Lewis Felton
image number 6614
image: 6615
grave: 694494
John William Norris
image number 6615
image: 6616
grave: 694495
Walter Mansell
image number 6616
image: 6617
grave: 694496
Ellis Hughes
image number 6617

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